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Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits Trust

Are You in Need of a Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney?

I am Carol Willis Butrus, Attorney at Law, a Texas attorney for 23 years and proud to assist Veterans throughout the state of Texas who need and may qualify for Veterans Aid and Attendance benefits. I assist Veterans qualify for benefits to help pay for homecare, assisted living, and nursing home care. Important note: I do not handle disability claims or appeals.

Many Veterans need in-home or outside care to assist with the daily tasks of living. They cannot afford this care on their own but when they apply for VA benefits, they are told they do not qualify because they have too much property. To help veterans qualify for Aid and Attendance Benefits, I create a trust and help the veteran move their property into the trust. Once the trust owns the property the Veteran can apply for Aid and Attendance Benefits and can qualify for VA Aid & Attendance Benefits. If you or a Veteran you know needs this help, contact a Veteran trust benefits attorney for assistance.

Aid & Attendance

These benefits are not just for the qualifying veteran but for his spouse or widow as well. The amount of the benefit can be up to $18,000 annually. The benefit can be for in-home care provided by a professional caregiver or the Veteran's family. It can also be used for assisted living or nursing home services.

Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Lawyer

I create these trusts to assist Veterans across Texas qualify for benefits. My office is in Dallas, however, I help Veterans throughout the state of Texas qualify for benefits. So it does not matter if you live in El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Houston or Dallas. I am honored to help.

I can answer questions regarding the following as it relates to the trusts I prepare. If you are wondering what your benefits are and how you can qualify for benefits, you have come to the right place. The benefits include a pension and also provide up to $18,000 annually to pay for nursing home, assisted living or in home care for Veterans. To learn more about the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits, please give my office a call. These benefits can provide a much-needed relief to families who have been providing for and taking care of Veterans on their own. I can help explain who is eligible for Veteran Aid and Attendance benefits and assist you in drafting a Veterans Aid and Attendance Trust. As Veterans grow older, disabilities can become harder and harder to manage. You may have more benefits available than you realize.

In order to qualify for the benefits, a Veteran must meet the requirements of an Asset Test. If your assets are below $80,000 you have a good chance of passing the asset test. For any other questions that you or your family may have about Veterans Benefits Trusts or for assistance with calculating benefits, please contact my firm today.

Knowing that you have the assistance you deserve after your years of service is a crucial matter for Veterans. I can review your situation and advise you as to whether moving your property into a trust will help you qualify for this well-deserved assistance provided through the Veterans Administration. My in depth understanding and extensive experience related to Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits Trusts enables me to help Veterans. I invite you to contact my office as soon as you can so we can discuss your situation and move forward in seeking the assistance you deserve.

Contact a Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney for help with preparing a Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits Trust.

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