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Carol Willis Butrus - In Her Own Words

    From personal experience, I know how difficult it can be for veterans, their spouses, children, and other family members when a veteran reaches the stage where they need outside care and assistance.  This is especially true in circumstances where the veteran does not have the financial resources necessary to pay for daily assistance. 

    For 23 years, I have focused my practice on estate planning and tax law.  Many of my clients are veterans, and over the years clients have asked me to draft a Veterans Benefits Aid & Attendance Trust as means to help them qualify for Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits.  In talking with my veteran clients and other veterans referred to me, I realized that many veterans and their families found it difficult to find an attorney to draft a Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust

    As a service to veterans, I built this website to enable Texas Veterans and their families to easily find an attorney who will help them get the care they need.  To my knowledge, this is the only attorney website in the country that focuses solely on providing veterans with the trust document they may need to qualify for Aid & Attendance Benefits

    Helping veterans qualify for Aid & Attendance benefits has been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my career.  I have always focused my professional career on helping individuals as opposed to large institutional clients.  I consider myself fortunate to have found a way to use my education and life experience in a manner that enhances people’s quality of life and brings them peace of mind. 

    If you, a loved one, or friend needs an attorney to draft a Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefits Trust please contact me.  If you are not sure whether an Aid & Attendance Trust would help you qualify for Aid & Attendance benefits call me anyway, and together we will work through your specific circumstances. I provide veterans who call me with a free case evaluation

Professional Experience and Education

    Carol Willis Butrus, a Dallas Texas native, graduated from Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas (1980).  Carol  earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Colorado College (1984).   After College, Carol attended the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis (MO) where she earned a Juris Doctorate in 1987.  Shortly after graduation from law school, Carol was admitted to the State Bar of Texas and began practicing law in 1987. 

    In 1990 Carol moved her practice to Philadelphia, PA where she earned a Masters Degree in Tax Law (LL.M.) from Villanova University (1993).  After graduation from Villanova Carol returned to Dallas, Texas and began her current practice, which focuses in the areas of Estate Planning, Wills, Trusts, and Probate Law.

    Although Carol’s law practice is located in Dallas, Texas she drafts Veterans Aid & Attendance Trusts for clients located throughout the state of Texas. 

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