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Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Veterans Benefits

Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney

Below are questions often asked about Texas Veteran Benefits. The answers below are for general information and are not legal advice. For further questions or clarification contact a Texas Veterans Trust Benefit attorney.

My father is a retired Veteran and needs care giver services but we cannot afford it and neither can he. We went to the VA but they said he had too many assets, namely a house. What do we do?

You need to put the house in what is called a Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Pensions Benefits Trust. With the house in the trust, it is no longer his but the Trust's. He will now qualify for VA benefits.

Isn't it illegal to make changes to qualify?

No. The VA does not have a "look back" policy.

What is the normal Asset Test figure?

It varies and there is no fixed amount. A good working figure is $80,000. If you have less than that in assets you will probably pass the Asset Test. It is not guaranteed though. Veterans with as low as $20,000 have flunked the Asset Test.

What kind of care can we get for him once he gets his benefits?

He can be taken care with in home care services provided by the family or by an outside professional. He can also be placed in assisted living or nursing home facilities.

What kind of money are we talking about?

It can be as much as $18,000 per year for care giver services. It varies according to circumstances.

What about my father's spouse? She will need care soon too.

She qualifies too. Furthermore, if your father dies, she can continue to receive services as a Veteran's widow.

I am Carol Butrus, a Texas attorney of 23 years. I am a Texas Veterans trust benefits attorney. I prepare Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Pensions Benefits Trusts for Veterans so they may qualify for Veterans benefits. I have assisted many Veterans across Texas with this crucial matter. I work out of Dallas but can handle everything long distance. I am pleased to be able to serve our Veterans.

Contact a Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney at the firm with Questions about Texas Veterans Benefits.

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