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Texas VA Trust Attorney

Filing a Claim using a Texas Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust

When your country called upon its citizens for support you or your spouse stepped forward. As a veteran or the spouse of a veteran you may be entitled to Texas Veterans Benefits. A disabled veteran or a veteran over the age of 65 may qualify for the Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefit. Filing a claim for this benefit is a complicated process. It is best to have an experienced elder care lawyer or legal advisor familiar with the VA application and Medicaid prepare your claim. A claim may be denied when the veteran's assets are too high. If you need to reduce your assets in order to achieve VA Benefits eligibility, turn to an experienced Texas VA Trust attorney for assistance.

Texas Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust lawyer and your claim for benefits

A trust is a separate legal entity which holds assets for the benefit of another. Through the creation of a carefully designed trust into which assets are transferred a veteran or surviving spouse can reduce the value of his or her personal assets. While the VA has restrictions on the value of assets and the allowable amount of "countable income" (income remaining after deducting unreimbursed medical care expense and other allowed expenses), it does not prohibit asset reduction in order to qualify. As a Texas Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust lawyer I work with Veterans, their spouses or adult children, financial planners and Elder Care Administrators throughout Texas. Unlike Medicaid, the VA does not have a 5 year look back regarding asset reallocations.

The disability income offered by the Veterans Administration can make a great difference in the level of daily care or assistance available to Veterans and surviving spouses. For many, assisted living is a vital necessity whether in a facility or while remaining in their own home. My goal is to help Veterans and surviving spouses in need of assistance or care to receive the Texas Veteran Benefits which they have earned. To obtain a specifically designed trust call Carol Butrus for a consultation with an experienced VA Trust Lawyer.

Contact a Texas VA Trust Attorney at my firm who is skilled in establishing a Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust - (888) 225-9167 .

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