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Texas VA Trust Attorney protects Surviving Spouse/Widow/Widower Benefits

Trusts and Surviving Spouse/Widow/Widower Eligibility for Benefits

The widow or widower of a veteran who was eligible for Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits will also be eligible provided the marriage was ended by death and the surviving spouse did not remarry. These pension benefits may be used to cover nursing home care or at home attendance for a person whose condition requires regular care or assistance in basic daily tasks such as traveling, dressing or eating. Where there are few assets and low income an application to claim benefits would be easily approved. In the case of a household with a significant amount in assets beyond a car and a primary residence the application could be blocked by the value of the assets. In which case, it is very important to work with a Texas VA Trust attorney who has the expertise to create a trust to reduce your assets.

Texas Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust Lawyer protects Surviving Spouse/Widow/Widower Benefits

The widowed spouse of a veteran can be eligible for Aid & Attendance benefits of $1,056 a month. Since the pension benefits guidelines do not specify a minimum or maximum amount of assets which are allowed it is left to the individual VA representative who is reviewing the claim to decide how much in assets is excessive and grounds for denial. Therefore in households with substantial assets careful planning is necessary. A Texas Veterans Aid & Attendance Trust is a very useful vehicle in reducing assets prior to filing a claim. I work with Veterans and spouses throughout the state of Texas establishing trusts which can give them VA Benefits eligibility.

The cost of nursing home care or care in one's own home can be substantial. There are over 44 million unpaid adult caregivers who provide in-home care to disabled or senior adults. Many of these are family members or friends who have had to entirely give up or reduce their own employment. Texas Veteran Benefits can be used to provide payment for this necessary in-home care or for any assisted living facility. Call Carol Butrus to speak with a VA Trust Lawyer can assist you to achieve eligibility through asset reduction.

Contact a Texas VA Trust Attorney at my firm who is committed to helping a veteran qualify for Texas Veteran Benefits (888) 225-9167.

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