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Who is Eligible for Texas Veterans Benefits?

Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney

I am attorney Carol Butrus and I am proud of serving Texas Veterans in becoming eligible for certain benefits. I help Veterans qualify for Veteran Aid and Attendance benefits. These benefits pay Veterans up to $18000 annually for assisted living or nursing home care. Many Veterans do not have enough money to pay for care themselves but still do not qualify for the Veterans benefits because they have too much property. I help these Veterans by drafting a Veterans Aid and Attendance Trust. With these trusts, the veteran puts his assets such as real estate or stocks into the trust. This lowers his overall assets and qualifies him for Veterans Aid and Attendance.

I have assisted many Texas Veterans in creating trusts. I have been an estate planning attorney in Texas for over 23 years. My office is in Dallas but I help Veterans all over Texas. It is not necessary to come visit me to accomplish what is needed to become eligible. We can do all of this by long distance. If you or someone you know needs assistance setting up a trust to qualify for Veterans benefits, contact a Texas Veterans trust benefits lawyer.

Eligibility for Texas Veterans Benefits

  • You must have an honorable discharge, general discharge or a discharge under honorable conditions. With a different kind of discharge contact the Enrollment Coordinator at your local VA health care facility to see if you qualify.
  • You must be a former enlisted person before September 8, 1980 or former officer before Oct 17, 1981 or have 24 months of continuous active duty experience subject to certain exceptions.
  • You do not have to have 24 months of continuous active duty if you were discharged early for various disability or hardship reasons.
  • You must be enrolled in the Veterans Administration Health system or have been determined by the VA to be 50% disabled due to service-connected reasons.
  • If the Veteran qualifies, his spouse or widow also qualifies.

Contact a Texas Veterans Trust Benefits Attorney at the firm at (888) 225-9167 for with Eligibility Questions about Texas Veterans Benefits.

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